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Larry Silver’s Second Edition Book, Spiritual Identity Details The Struggle With Identity.

At some point every one of us has asked the universal question, “Who am I and Why am I here.” For years, I not only asked the same question but struggled daily with the issue of identity. For me, being born an identical twin in a Jewish family, this crisis started at birth. I struggled to know who I was and my purpose in life. All of this began to change as I embraced a major Biblical truth that would revolutionize my life.

Spiritual Identity is a simple and sublime study of one’s understanding of their identity in Christ. This book will reveal the subtle difference between how a Christian believer grows spiritually, while also walking in their eternal purpose. Much more than another Christian entry, Larry Silver’s Spiritual Identity is a personal and compassionate treatise that will help all believers walk in their true identity.

  • Believers are born into circumstances that can confuse our true identity.
  • God uses these circumstances supernaturally to point us to himself.
  • Finding identity in Christ alone is the only way to unlock purpose, peace, and joy.

Spiritual Identity is available in paperback, e-book, and audio version via Audible on December 1st. To receive a free sample of the book, please email or text #Sample to (937) 776-7170. If you would like to request Larry Silver for an interview or to receive a free copy of the book, please contact us at the information above.

About Larry V. Silver

Brother Larry is a Messianic Jew born in Philadelphia in 1963 and born again in 1982. Larry hosted the TV Program “Man-to-Man,” which aired in Philadelphia on Sunday mornings. Larry also co-hosted “Friends of God,” a Little-Rock-based radio program that helped believers in the region overcome their life issues using a biblical approach. He also is the producer of the film, “Silver Twins: Where Judaism and Christianity Meet, which is currently streaming on’s platform.”

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