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 Christian Openness

God Gossip

God desires to be intimate with us. He emotes in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me, and I will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.” As a young believer, I would take
this initiative and ask God and sure enough, he would show me great things. Unfortunately, he found that I was a God gossip and could not keep these revelations to myself. That was a shame because the believers I shared them with did not care that much for what I shared. I was casting my pearl before swine so to speak because there was no real effect from the sharing. I was too immature to keep these things inside. I was not constituted in such a way as to bear them internally, in my inner man. The secrets of God leaked right out of me without helping anyone.


God wants to be bothered

Today, almost twenty years later I see God’s wisdom more clearly. There is a heartfelt desire on God’s part for us to seek him with all our heart. Think about it! He challenges us to press into the throne room with boldness to find grace and mercy in time of need. He wants to be bothered by us. God wants to open to us, but there is a condition needed on our part. We have to take initiative in faith to do what he says. God does not like to waste any effort and neither should we. If we seek Him with all our hearts we will find a pearl of great price. If we give up before finding the pearl, then our true heart is revealed for what it is mediocre towards God.


God’s the most open person

In prayer, we can communicate with our creator all day long, opening ourselves, our true selves to God. God is the most open person that there is and yet, it is not that easy to get to know him. It
takes truly a crucified life to get to know God. It takes a serious commitment. God will test the person who acts like they want to know him to see the reality of it through trials of faith.

If the test is passed, then God rewards with an open revelation that will greatly assist that person in their life. He does not show everything all at once. We would be overwhelmed if He did. Remember Jesus said that he had much more to share with his disciples, but they could not bear it. They were already struggling enough with the fresh revelation He had shown them.



This is a question of our capacity. How much can we hear from God? Remember that he is the most open and yet, if He were too open with us, it would not help us at all. The problem is that we use our
fleshly means to try to connect with God. We attempt to use earthly resources to see God’s will in a given situation. Oh, saints, don’t you see that we have such little capacity on our own, such small instruments to be reflectors and beacons of God’s love? But the Spirit is not limited. Where the flesh dies, the spirit is just kicking in gear.


Spirit capacity vs. Flesh capacity

The spirit’s capacity is fathomless. Do you believe me on this point? Test this principle in your own life. Pray, “God whatever you bring in my life, I am available…” Do not predetermine what you can
handle as far as relationships and time. Trust the risen Christ. His capacity starts where ours ends. Do you have an end to what you can handle in a given day? Then your flesh needs to be crucified because the Lord would not bring it to you if you were not able in the Spirit to deal with it and overcome, whatever the scenario. Nothing is impossible for God. The question is, “Can God entrust
it to us?” Can we be ministers of the spirit? If the answer is yes, then this minister will learn that there is no issue that the Lord cannot, through the
Spirit, overcome.


God does not force

As the Lord has taught me these things from His word, and as I have tested them, I am amazed at His results. What appears to be difficult is easy, what appears to be a struggle is a portal, what appears to be resistance is food for the eater, and what appears to be impossible is just a matter of openness. If people open themselves to God, completely open themselves, they will find God totally true. This is beyond comprehension. Only the Spirit knows how to open like that. So it is imperative that we completely open to the Holy Spirit within us. None of this is forced upon us. Though it would greatly help us in all of life, God simply offers and appeals for us to open. In the Psalms, it is written, “Open wide your mouth, and I will fill it…” Are we opening our mouths to God? This is not the same as opening our mouths to each other.


Opening to one another

In Corinthians, Paul strongly encourages the Corinthians to open wide their hearts to him. They were holding back from him and he could sense it. It must have really grieved the Apostle’s heart. Why?
Because Paul had so much to give them, to teach them, but they were not willing? Just as Jerusalem was not willing to be gathered by the Lord (like a hen gathers her chicks) when he showed up on the scene.

A little openness to Paul and their lives would have been changed forever. Opening up to Paul is the same as opening up to God because it was the revelation of God that Paul wanted to give them. Do you see it? Paul did not force it on them. He merely appealed, he pleaded and he warned. It wasn’t so much the words that he wanted to give them, it was the power. The resurrection power that Paul had received by faith and was growing so mightily in him.

Paul had learned to be an overcomer. He learned it by opening himself to God and to the saints. He could sense in the spirit when it was not reciprocated. He wanted the Corinthians to reign with him as
kings, to be useful world-changers, to be ministers in the spirit, overcoming witnesses for the Savior.


How open are you?

The scriptural admonition is to walk in the light as He is in the light. The light represents the truth and Jesus walks in total openness in the truth. From the first Adam till today, man has been hiding
something from God, and consequently to all others. It is our sin, our flesh, and our pride that causes this hiding to occur. How open are you? To God, to your spouse, to your brother and sister? God is gently whispering, “Call to me, and I will show you”. You can be God’s friend if you enter that open fellowship. Then you will be a friend to many others as well. You will be a friend that sticks closer than a brother and you will be a brother born for adversity. There is no adversity that will make you shy away from your friends, but you will enter right in with openness, to the glory of God.

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