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Christian View of Judgment and Blame

Judgment and Blame

An old principle has been made fresh to my soul in my recent labors and observations in the Lord. The word says do not judge or you will be judge To the measure we judge, we will be judged. It is crucial that we understand and rightly apply such a word.

A different way of saying the same thing is that if we judge and blame someone, then the extent to which we blame and judge them, we can be of no help to them. We may be of some help, but only to the extent that we do not have judgment or blame toward them.

We are too quick with our judgments and the spirit is not necessarily in agreement with us. We judge according to the flesh as our natural impulse and consider it right. The flesh and the spirit are never
in agreement, they always fight and have two minds on a matter (Rom. 6-8).

We must know the Lord’s mind and be in total agreement and oneness in this spiritual mind. What is the conclusion? The spiritual mind judges all things, not anyone’s heart or motives, but the outward
things (1 Cor. 1:10).

For example, suppose someone says that they love Jesus and have a crucified life, their words sound good and there very well may be a degree that they do have this love and crucifixion to the world. But we do not know their true heart?

The outward things of their life will prove or disprove such a statement. Can they easily receive a correction? Can they receive help and give help freely? Are they out of their fleshly comfort zone doing things that show that only Christ risen in their hearts could be doing or accomplishing something?

We must overcome judgment and blame because it is a trap from the devil to keep us from being one in Him. Love always trusts (believes) in others. It is not because they earn such trust, it is given simply because it is the nature of God’s love. If we do not love in this way, then we are greatly limited how much we can work together. We can only work together if we have God’s love, His mind on a matter, and his oneness in the spirit.

Let us only do what we see our father doing. Let us only speak what we hear only father speaking. If we are not sure, then we should say nothing, if we do not see, then we should not act. This is the
example of perfection that Jesus left us.

If we follow this example, then our judgment will end up being a right judgment If our own lives are not loving and crucified, then how can we be of any help at all to others? This should bring repentance and sorrow in our hearts for all the times we speak to others without seeing and hearing from God.

Lord, do not let us speak or act until we bear out in ourselves what you want to bear out in others. Then our judgment will be right and the spirit of love can overcome the blame that separates us.

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